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The Bible Story Book for Starters

The Bible Story Book for Starters

When my husband and I first encountered The Bible Storybook for Starters, published by Copenhagen Publishing House, at CBA (Rights and Licensing Fair) in 2018, we immediately felt that many children and their parents would love this book. I definitely wanted to read this story, in both English and Korean, to our own two young daughters.

Although I liked the book, I was hesitant to work on a translation because CLC Korea specialises in Theological Seminary books and Bible commentaries. Children’s books were a relatively new frontier for us. Gary Chamberlin introduced this book to CLC leaders, who are involved in publishing, as a possible project where multiple CLC countries would participate to translate and publish it in different languages. Thanks to Gary’s introduction, I was encouraged and happily joined the project. 

I enjoyed every single page as I translated them. The colours and graphics were very endearing. I am thankful that this book was my debut book as a translator. 

The Korean edition was launched in August 2019, and in less than a month we had already sold about 900 copies.  At one point in September, it ranked #7 in the Christian children’s book category on one of the secular online websites. Many readers are commenting that they love the drawings and how the story is simple and easy to read. Even a non-believer purchased this book for her child and left a great review saying that although she was not a Christian, she has been curious about the Bible, a book that had been much loved by people for so long. This book became her first Bible storybook for her son, and also for herself. I was deeply touched by her comment as my work might be instrumental in leading her to faith. 

I praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to translate, and I hope this book will encourage readers, including non-believers, throughout Korea to learn about Him! 

Sohee Yoo, Planning and Foreign Rights Director, CLC Korea

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Sohee Yoo

Planning and Foreign Rights Director, CLC Korea