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The Last of the A Team! by Bertus Keuter

Our hearts are full of gratitude because we know that God leads us and that we do not depend on certainties that the world around us is offering. After closing our shop in Arnhem back in 2013, closing the Amsterdam shop in 2015 had a major impact on us. However, we trust in God that He will bring about His plans for CLC Netherlands even if now only through our one remaining bookshop, CLC Apeldoorn.

Besides the close daily contact with customers in the shop, we are involved in the annual conference of the Near East Ministries where we always have a large book table. The conference has about 2,000 visitors, including many young people and children. Through the book table, we make new contacts and provide the visitors with good books. It is also a beautiful opportunity to promote the work of CLC.

Of course we also have smaller book tables during the year in churches and at local events. Last year, we had the opportunity to be in a church for a special event highlighting children’s Bibles. We took a large range of children’s Bibles, through the organisation of a publisher who gave us this opportunity, and it was good to be able to present these books and share our experience of working with children’s Bibles.

Bertus Keuter
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