Memories We Cherish: Energy Plus

Seng Joon lost his father while in his teens, left school to earn money to keep the family and then became very ill with tuberculosis. While recovering, Seng Joon started to read the Bible, and one verse he read was ‘In the beginning God created all things’. He thought that if God could create all things, then He could heal him. He prayed and, within a few days, he was miraculously healed.

Muriel Sjoblom who, with her husband Bob, served with CLC in Thailand, wrote: “I first heard of Seng Joon from missionaries in the north. They said that it did their hearts good to see one so willing to board a bus at 5:00am to get out to markets to sell scripture portions, and this young man was not ashamed to witness. God has given him much wisdom in his work, and he is welcome wherever he goes. Evenings, too, find him hard at it with his bookbags slung over his shoulders, arms and hands full of books and a large poster hanging around his neck. He arrives at the town theatre just as the crowd come out and certainly does a fine job selling his ‘wares’ and gossiping the Gospel. Seng Joon breezes into the bookshop, always joyful, quick of step and action. The Lord has given him a strong body — I don’t think I have ever seen Seng Joon without his shirt wet with perspiration. This is energy plus! Energy, plus the urge of the Spirit in his heart to be ready at all times.” (Edited article from Floodtide Nov/Dec 1960)

Forever Grateful, CLC 75

Based on material first published in a 75th anniversary magazine, you will find stories from the 75 years of CLC. There are stories of God’s faithfulness and miracles, of people coming to faith and special ‘forever grateful’ moments.

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