Colombia: Floods 2010 (Disaster Relief Stories)

At the end of 2010, Colombia suffered devastating floods. Elsa Maria Noy de Sanchez wrote at the time: “There are currently more than two million people who have lost everything — or what little they had. Most of these people have nowhere to sleep, no food, no clothing and no jobs. The situation is very distressing, and our hearts feel the sadness and despair — some people say they have even lost hope. These people are in real need of someone to tell them that there is still hope, and that there is a God who loves them.”

Between Christmas and New Year, staff from CLC Barranquilla made the journey to Santa Marta with over 200 bags of essential food supplies, to which Bibles were added. The food aid was given out from a local church, and surrounding villages were visited by canoe. The CLC team was thankful to God for support for this project from CLC Chile, CLC Ecuador and from Nelson publishers. In addition, Unilit Publishers offered a donation of 5,000 books.

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