A CLC staff testimony from Chile and a tribute to CLC’s retired missionaries

In 2017, Luis Herrera left his home and family in Venezuela because he needed to find a way of sourcing and funding the medicines his young daughter depended on. Due to the economic situation, and the scarcity of medicine in his own country, this was a move he felt he had to make.

Luis and family

Luis and family

As a recent arrival in Chile, Luis met Gladys Parada, a retired CLC missionary, who suggested that he get in touch with CLC Chile. This led to a job with CLC as a caretaker for the warehouse, which at the time was susceptible to theft as the electricity supply was down. Luis soon proved to be an excellent worker and became a valued member of the distribution team.

Now, two years later, Luis is reunited with his wife and daughter as they have joined him in Chile. CLC are grateful to the Lord for the financial provision to be able to bring his family together after this long separation, and the CLC team has welcomed them with great joy. - Patricio Romo, National Director 

Luis and CLC Wholesale team in CLC Chile

Luis and CLC Wholesale team

The part that Gladys Parada played in the staff testimony from Chile (above) is a testament to the ongoing support of, and prayer for, CLC, which is demonstrated by so many of our retirees. A significant proportion of the current retired members also served as missionaries beyond their own countries, and Gladys is an example of that too.

Gladys joined CLC Chile in 1966 and, by 1969, she was working in the bookshop in Concepción. In 1971, she was sent as a CLC missionary to Argentina and then, four years later, to CLC Venezuela for another four years. On her return to Chile, Gladys worked for 10 years in Santiago before moving again to start a new bookshop in the city of Antofagasta where she worked until her retirement in 2000. Gladys has fond memories of her time with CLC and of the other missionaries she worked with from various countries, including the USA and the UK. Everything CLC does today is due to the commitment, service and prayerful vision of those who have gone before us, and we are grateful to them.

Gladys Parada - CLC Chile

Gladys Parada