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CLC is an international organization committed to the distribution of the Bible, Christian books and a variety of Christian media.  CLC works in 53 countries. It is represented by almost 180 bookshops, 14 publishing houses and 18 distribution warehouses. The CLC work in each country is set up autonomously, but we are united by our common vision.
An Unusual Christmas Celebration

In December 2013, Christopher Robert, the Director of CLC India (ELS India) was invited to lead a Christmas celebration service in their local branch of a national bank. He writes:

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CLC Celebrates 60 years in Montreal, Canada

CLC began in Canada when Ken and Bessie Adams, the founders of CLC, went to North America in 1947, settling first in Toronto before moving to the USA. A bookstore operated in Toronto for some time but was moved to Montreal in 1953.

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Ben in Burkina

All CLC internships are an adventure. Some of them, however, are more of an adventure than others. In June and July this year, Ben Saxe was in Burkina Faso in West Africa to work with the CLC team there. He went to improve his French, teach Prosper Weda (the Director for CLC in French speaking West Africa) some English and to see what God is doing in this growing nation. After spending two months in Burkina, this is what Ben had to say:-

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Report from the CLC UK Conference 2013. From Eddie Olliffe's Blog

Around 60 CLC workers from the UK bookshops and Alresford wholesale warehouse came together in mid May for three days of spiritual refreshment and ministry planning.

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Bolivia Bound

Throughout the history of CLC, burdens have birthed bookstores. In 2010, the main Christian bookstore in Santa Cruz (the largest city in Bolivia) closed after many years of service.

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CLC Publishing around the World CLC Publishing around the World

Did you know that CLC publish books in many different languages? Read on for a list of current ones at the end of 2013 Read more

CLC Philippines November 2013 CLC Philippines November 2013

We are grateful that CLC in the Philippines has not been directly affected by the recent typhoon Haiyan that has devastated so many lives and homes. Read more

Fire in Venezuela. 04.09.2013 Fire in Venezuela. 04.09.2013

We have just heard that there has been a serious fire next door to our HQ/warehouse in Valencia, Venezuela. Read more

New Publication September 2013 New Publication September 2013

CLC USA publish around 12 new titles and 25-40 reprints a year. Their latest book, 'Resisting Gossip', is out this week. Read more

CLC Bolivia CLC Bolivia

CLC has opened a bookshop in Bolivia Read more

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