You can find CLC in the following locations

Centro de Literatura Cristiana
Avenida Guayana, frente al C.C. Ciudad Alta Vista
Puerto Ordaz,
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - Barcelona
Boulevard 5 de Julio, C. C. Ivon Center, Piso 1, Local 1-6 y 1-7
(0)281 275 170 (0)281 275 170
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - Barquisimeto
Calle 26 No. 17-52,
Barquisimeto, 3001-A
(0)251 2318912
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - Caracas
Bulevar Panteón, Jesuita a Tienda Honda, Edificio Gumenza P.B.
(0)212 8617933
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - Central Valencia
Calle Paez con Boyaca, Local No. 20, Centro Comercial Paez
(0)241 8584123
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - Maracaibo
Centro Comercial Centro, Calle 93 (Padilla) Esq. Av 12, Local No. 35,
(0)261 7212195 (0)261 7212195
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - Merida
Centro Comercial Canta Claro, Avenida de las Americas, Cruce via Cruz Verde Local 18
(0) 274 2448395
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - North Valencia
Calle 137, Urb. Los Sauces, Entre Av. Bolivar N y AE Blanco , C. C. Monte Bianco, Local 24
(0)281 824 0478
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - San Cristobal
Centro Comercial Casa Francesa, Local 2-1 y 2-2, Calle 5 con 5ta Avenida,
San Cristobal,
(0)276 3413620
Centro de Literatura Cristiana - San Felix
Av. Dalla Costa, Locales 4 y 5, Centro Comercial Icabaru
San Felix,
(0)286 9315063 (0)286 9315063
Centro de Literatura Cristiana, Head Office/Warehouse
Avenida Henry Ford, CC Unicenter local 01, Zona Industrial de Valencia
Valencia ,
(241) 871 5815; (241) 871 6564 (241) 871 7821

Latest news from this country

Fire in Venezuela. 04.09.2013 Fire in Venezuela. 04.09.2013

We have just heard that there has been a serious fire next door to our HQ/warehouse in Valencia, Venezuela. Read more

Sierra Leone Bookshop Extension Sierra Leone Bookshop Extension

A special celebration and re-dedication of the newly extended and improved bookshop on Circular Road, Freetown, was held on Saturday December 8th,2012. Read more

Latest articles related to this country

Bolivia Bound
Throughout the history of CLC, burdens have birthed bookstores. In 2010, the main Christian bookstore in Santa Cruz (the largest city in Bolivia) closed after many years of service. Read more »
Article Date: 20/11/2012 12:30:29 |
Venezuela: from Desperation to Joy
Friday January 29, 2010 will go down as a red letter day in the history of CLC Venezuela. A brand new distribution warehouse was commissioned and dedicated to the Lord so that ever increasing volumes of Bibles and Christian books can be sent around the country. However, not so long ago, the prospects were not nearly so bright … Read more »
Article Date: 29/03/2010 09:07:27 |

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Country facts

Population: 28m
Major religion: Predominantly Christian, majority Roman Catholic
Evangelicals: 10.1%

National Director: Yohel Peña
CLC Started: 1970
Nr. of shops: 10
Full time workers: 40
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