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Yakin Indonesia
Jl. Genteng Besar 85
Surabaya, 60275
East Java
+62 (0)31 532 1823 [email protected]
Yakin, Head Office
PO BOX 1165, Jl. Genteng Besar 85
Surabaya, 60275
+62 (0)31 532 1823 [email protected]
Yakin, Warehouse
Jl. Gayungsari Barat X/43-45
Surabaya, 60235
+62 (0)31 829 0163 [email protected]

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New Bookshops in 2014   New Bookshops in 2014

During the 70 years plus history of CLC, we have grown - although not always in leaps and bounds, and there have been years when we have closed more bookshops than we have opened! However, we continue to expand into places where there is a need or a demand for Bibles and Christian books. Read more

CLC Publishing around the World CLC Publishing around the World

Did you know that CLC publish books in many different languages? Read on for a list of current ones at the end of 2013 Read more

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Report from the CLC UK Conference 2013. From Eddie Olliffe's Blog
Around 60 CLC workers from the UK bookshops and Alresford wholesale warehouse came together in mid May for three days of spiritual refreshment and ministry planning. Read more »
Article Date: 05/06/2013 13:41:46 |

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Country facts

Population: 248.6m
Major religion: Predominantly Muslim
Evangelicals: 4%

National Director: Donny Kairupan
CLC Started: 1954
Nr. of shops: 1
Full time workers: 4

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