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Homecall of Mrs. Marlene Ramroop

News Item Date: 03/06/2015 17:37:43
In her last email to the CLC International Office, just two days before her death, Marlene wrote asking for continued prayer as she was “improving, but not out of the woods yet”. She ended the email with these words, which sum up her whole attitude to life and ministry... “I am holding on to the Word of God, and trusting Him with all my heart.” 

Marlene will be missed by many in the CLC family worldwide and particularly by the staff in Trinidad, Antigua and Dominica. Marlene leaves behind her husband Duncan who, despite being very unwell himself for a number of years, and often reliant on the care and support of his wife, has unstintingly supported Marlene in her full-time involvement in CLC. They have a son, Josiah, who is a student and also works part time in the hospital where Marlene was receiving treatment. 

It is very poignant that on the day she died, Marlene and her husband Duncan visited the Port of Spain bookshop together, out of hours. Marlene had not been fit for work for several weeks and she wanted to see the place again. It was there in the bookshop that the Lord called her home.
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