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Assoc.Centro de Literatura Crista
Rua da Resistencia 1131
+258 +258 84 22 00 237 [email protected]
Centro de Literatura Crista
c/o Instituto Biblico de Sofala, Avenida Samora Machel, Bairro Munhava
+258 +258 84 40 36 994
Centro de Literatura Crista
Rue de Pedreira 2543, Muahivire Expansao (SEMTENA)
+258 +258 85 74 68 889

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Country facts

Population: 21.3 m
Major religion: Major Religion: Christian
Evangelicals: 13.5%

National Director: Liz Patten
CLC Started: 2001
Nr. of shops: 3
Full time workers: 3
Part time workers: 1
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