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News Item Date: 17/06/2013 12:41:01
In addition to improving the website ( and making more use of social media, as a means to contact and inform people about the CLC bookshops, CLC Poland is publishing books once more.

So far this year, two Roy Hession books have been published in Polish – 'Calvary Road' and 'Be Filled Now'. A third title, 'We Would See Jesus', is just about to be released. 

We are already hearing some encouraging news regarding these titles: 

A pastor of a Methodist church spoke of a woman who, having just read Calvary Road, stood up in church to tell the congregation that they should all read the book. Ten copies were immediately sold! 

A customer had borrowed a copy of Calvary Road from a friend but came to the shop to buy a copy of her own as she had appreciated it so much. The book' Be Filled Now' had just come from the printers so she bought a copy of that book too and ordered a copy of the third book still to be published! Another customer overheard the conversation about these books and she purchased copies as well!
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