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Colombia Flood Relief

News Item Date: 12/01/2011 08:08:25
There was severe flooding in parts of Colombia during the first half of December 2010.  CLC Colombia has had the opportunity to take supplies and books to badly affected areas. Between Christmas and New Year, Rubby Ariza and Kelly Gutierrez, from CLC Barranquilla, made the journey to Santa Marta where they bought over 200 bags of essential food supplies, to which Bibles were added, and then, after some difficulty, they hired a lorry to take them and the supplies to Plato, in the north of the country. The journey took much longer than normal because of the bad condition of the road, and the hire vehicle broke down – but as Rubby and Kelly say ‘the Lord always has His angels in place, and a passing truck driver stopped to help us’.  The food aid was given out from a church in Plato, and surrounding villages were visited by canoe.

The CLC team is grateful to God for support for this project from CLC Chile and Ecuador and from Nelson publishers. Unilit publishers have offered a donation of 5,000 books.

As Elsa Maria Noy de Sanchez, the Director for CLC Colombia says, “We trust in God even though life is painful”. 
Keywords: Colombia, flood, relief
All the bags in the truck on their way to Plato Collecting the aid from a church in Plato Collecting the aid from a church in Plato
Flooding in the villages Flooding in the villages The broken down truck


Blanca Lilia Garzon  (30.05.2011 22:30):
We give the honor to our Lord Jesus Christ because CLC ministry is growing in faith and love. God is working in our hearts and our country through our wonderful books. Praise be the Lord!
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