TEST Benin

Surprise Sales
In the last two years we have had some surprises and welcome sales:
A customer came to purchase books to the value of almost £2,000 GBP! (just under $3,000 USD).
A missionary in Europe contacted our Africa Regional Director about purchasing some Thompson Bibles. Soon afterwards, the money for these was sent to a pastor living in Benin and he came to buy 40 of these Bibles!
There are many other marvellous stories which show us that God is in control and that He is the one accomplishing
these works!
A ‘Forever Grateful’ Moment: The Planned sale… that was Cancelled!
About ten years ago, the owner of the bookshop building in Benin told me that he had decided to sell the building. That is when our CLC team united in prayer, together with some pastor friends. A few weeks later, the landlord came back to see me with the following words: “A group of Muslims came with a suitcase full of money to buy the building but something told me not to sell it. I obeyed the voice that spoke to me. I am no longer going to sell the building”. Glory to God!
Several years later, the owner of the property died. Just after this, a mafia gang comprising of lawyers and family members of the owner took the legal inheritors of the building to court with the intention of seizing the building. The inheritors then asked me to support them in prayer. So, that is what I did, together with a pastor friend, f